Performance Appraisal and Effective Feedback the Right Way!

Performance Review Time is Stressful for all. Understanding how to frame feedback will develop and enhance work relationships the right, and reduce work orientated stress.

Most view organisational culture as based similar to a parent-child model, with leaders treating staff as though they needed caretaking and protecting. Engaging Leaders advocate the use of authentic conversations based on their adult-adult feedback model to revolutionise conversations that create greater commitment, real accountability for results, and improved organisational performance.

This one day workshop will give the underlying philosophies of an adult to adult conversation and enhance workplace relationships. We will step through the use of authentic conversations based on our (Engaging Leaders) own feedback model. The result is a conversation that creates greater commitment, real accountability for results and improved organisational performance.

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All you need to know (the brochure):  Performance Appraisals Workshop